MONIMET Camera Network

MONIMET Camera network is a network of digital surveillance cameras for automated monitoring of phenological activity of vegetation and snow cover in the boreal ecosystems of Finland. Cameras were mounted at 14 sites, each site having 1-3 cameras. Detailed information for the camera network and the data can be found in Peltoniemi et al.


Image datasets can be found under the Zenodo community 'Phenological time lapse images and data from Monimet EU Life+ project (LIFE12 ENV/FI/000409).' Datasets in Zenodo are updated every year. For access to the data by FMIPROT over direct FTP (only for operational monitoring), contact MONIMET project team with the information implying your purpose and duration of your study.

MONIMET imagery data downloaded from Zenodo repositories can be processed using FMIPROT. In the next section, there is the link to an offline camera network information file (CNIF), which can be loaded into FMIPROT to add the camera network.
Replace the path of the images in the CNIF (marked with {edit_here}) with the path that you have downloaded the images from Zenodo repositories, and FMIPROT will be able read and process images directly.

A tutorial for that is available here. It only takes a few minutes to add the cameras to FMIPROT and start processing.

Metadata & Status

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FMIPROT Online CNIF Link (for operational use, to process near real time images):
FMIPROT Offline CNIF Link (For processing already downloaded images in your machine):

34 cameras are listed from metadata (some cameras may not be present or active). If the number of cameras is 0, then there may be a problem in the update of the metadata. >>Report such case

Latest camera images

Map of the cameras

This map only shows the cameras where the geolocation metadata is available. Cameras in the same location may seen as one. Click and move to pan and scrool to zoom in/out. Camera view direction is also shown if the camera direction is available in metadata. Different colors of camera icons indicate different camera networks, where available, not their status.